Jill Vanneman

Author. New Dog Owner.

Enthusiastic Pickleball Player.

About Jill

Jill Vanneman is a writer and former public servant. Recently retired she has thrown herself into the career she wanted all along which was to write. For the last three years she has worked on a memoir with the working title, “The Betterment Campaign.”  She got her writing chops first through her genes. (Thank you mom for your MSJ and years working as an underpaid ad copy writer in Chicago during the 1940s). Secondly, various school teachers throughout her life encouraged her creative writing.  And, finally, her Master’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern and JD from the University of Puget Sound kept her busy doing different kinds of writing.  She now lives in the Seatttle area raising a rescue dog and trying to make peace with her 11-year-old cat who still hasn’t forgiven her.

“You can do hard things!!!” ~Glennon Doyle


Other Publications

  • “Chocolate” Seattle Weekly, February 1980
  • Book reviews, View of Puget Sound monthly magazine
  • “Chicago’s Theater Scene: Hustling is a Way of Life.” Focus Midwest, Vol. 13 No. 80
  • News articles from 1978-79 for Citizen  Patriot (Jackson, MI), Great Falls Tribune (Great Falls, MT), Miles City Star (Miles City, MT), and Livingston Enterprise (Livingston, MT)

Work in Progress

I have what is graciously coined a “Shitty-first-draft” with some revisions after almost 3 years of writing. Writing is hard. Trying to summarize my book is even harder. A book blurb—I haven’t come up with one yet but stay tuned for more to come. How one woman finds out that a privileged caring family may not be enough and that the hard work comes from within until she decides after many years that she is actually good enough. Well, you wanted a blurb. Like I said, it’s a work in progress.

Jill’s Musings

The Importance of Remembering the Holocaust

 I did not know that January 27 was International Holocaust Remembrance Day when I visited The Museum of Tolerance last Sunday in Los Angeles. I was in LA to visit my daughter but the promise of southern California’s sunshine was only that for most of my five day...

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Happy Place

Happy Place

It's officially summer. Do you have a place you can call your happy place? I am fortunate that I do. While it’s many miles away and many time zones beyond standard time I go there from time to time to visit. I grew up privileged in many different ways but one of the...

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Am I Good Enough?

Am I Good Enough?

Sobriety & Self Acceptance I am past middle-age, well past middle age. Five years ago, I made the commitment to get and stay sober for the third time in my life. Those are the relevant things to know about me. The first time I tried to quit I was in my 20s. I...

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